Amplifying Next-Gen Solutions to Global Issues


Wavve’s portfolio is home to some of the most game-changing movers and shakers in environmental sustainability, technology, politics, activism, and more. Learn more about the ventures we’ve accelerated  and how they’re effecting real and exciting change with their ventures, initiatives, and leadership. Have an exciting project? Apply to the accelerator here. 


Electronic secure key case to keep inebriated drivers off the road and minimize drunk driving accidents.


App-based confidential chat service dedicated to providing support to domestic violence and sexual assault victims.


Repurposing surplus technology to bridge the gap between San Francisco’s wealthiest institutions and underserved communities.

Unapolagetic Magazine

Social justice print magazine and media company lending a space for people of color to publish content about the issues that matter to them


App-Based service streamlining the donation process by helping nonprofits digitize broadcast their immediate in-kind and monetary needs to potential donors

Salaam Clothing

Clothing line selling sweatshirts and outerwear online to promote acceptance and dispel Islamophobia


Online Matchmaking service for students to apply to many internships through one application, and for small businesses to vet and hire highly engaged interns.


Simplifying the gift-giving process using environmentally sustainable, QR-powered greeting cards

Shrink the Gap

Salary negotiation workshops for college and high school campuses to empower female students to fight the gender wage gap.

E-Jang Radio

Media Company creating English language learning content for radio, TV, newspaper, podcasts to promote youth literacy in Thies, Senegal


The World’s Largest Conversaton series, organizing in-person panels on entrepreneurship and technology for high-schoolers.


Smart straw detecting date rape drugs in drinks and preventing drink spiking


Online and in-person workshop series promoting STEM education among minority youth

Relieve. Creating drone-delivered relief packages for children in disaster zones.


Creating drone-delivered relief packages for children in disaster zones


Combatting Urban Waste by providing bicycle-powered recycling services in densely populated, low-income neighborhoods around the United States.

Qardian Labs

AI-based software solution for making fast and accurate heart risk disease assessments.