About Us

Promoting Next-Gen Social Progres


Harnessing the Power of Gen-Z to drive Bold Social Change

Gen-Z is one of the most entrepreneurial and socially conscious generations yet However, lack of access to a strong support system, financial literacy, networking opportunities, and mentors can make starting a social venture seem near impossible to any young person wanting to make a difference. 

We strive to inspire students to pursue a career in impact to make a difference in the world. But more importantly, we want every young person, regardless of socioeconomic background, to see what they’re possible of achieving by accelerating their bold solutions that are both financially sustainable and address a social or environmental problem.

Wavve is the first social impact accelerator Gen-Z. We’re empowering sustainable impact by launching or growing financially stable ventures or initiatives aimed at solving a social issue by providing them with social entrepreneurship education, mentorship programs, and an online network of young changemakers.


Online Community

Join an online support system and expand your network by joining a vast community of like-minded changemakers committed to driving social impact and learning from each other. Our online community allows you to access and share learning and growth opportunities updated weekly (awards, internships, grants, conferences, etc)

Peer Mentorship

Our virtual mentorship program connects aspiring teen social entrepreneurs with trailblazers in technology, entrepreneurship, or social impact. Gain valuable 1:1 insight from professionals by hearing their stories and advice, asking burning questions, and learning from their experiences.

Startup Kit

We strive to teach our incubees the power of sustainable social progress, by accelerating ventures that are both financially stable and rooted in social impact. As a Wavve incubee, you gain access to our startup kit curriculum and business development planning tools designed to help you take your venture to the next level.